Company signs with Max Borges Agency to increase brand awareness for the world’s latest power saving devices

Miami, FL – September 1, 2009 – Max Borges Agency is officially the PR agency representing TrickleStar, a company whose range of power saving products are truly green. Max Borges Agency will build national brand awareness for Trickle Star and introduce their new products in the market.

Max Borges Agency is the best choice to handle PR for TrickleStar because of its abundant amount of experience in the technology industry. When it comes to reaching key media and markets, Max Borges Agency is a massive success.

“There was no question that Max Borges Agency was the agency to work with in order to gain visibility for our products,” said Thomas Joergensen Co-founder of TrickleStar.  “We were looking for a company that would undoubtedly deliver and the Max Borges Agency knows how to reach key media outlets and successfully represent technology products.”

“The power saving products that TrickleStar has to offer are meaningful and appeal to a plethora of tech users” said Max Borges, President of Max Borges Agency. “I am confident in our abilities to provide world class results for Trickle Star.”

Max Borges Agency will focus on the consumer, lifestyle, and technology industries and assure that TrickleStar’s products are appropriately represented.

About The Max Borges Agency

The Max Borges Agency is the only 100% consumer electronics and technology-focused public relations agency in the country. Max Borges Agency, composed of its consumer electronic army, is dedicated to securing massive amounts of exceptional media results for all clients.

About TrickleStar

TrickleStar Pty Ltd was founded in 2007 by Thomas Joergensen and Bernard Emby. A privately held company, TrickleStar is based in Hong Kong and has offices in Singapore, China, UK, Denmark and Malaysia.

TrickleStar has developed a unique suite of products which address the issue of standby power used by both general appliances and PC peripherals and stop the flow of standby power when appliances are in ‘standby’ mode.

TrickleStar’s products – designed for PCs and TV accessories and other electrically powered products - will help to reduce individual and family ‘environmental footprints’ AND electricity bills!

In early 2009, TrickleStar will launch its world’s latest ‘truly green’ power saving devices to the USA, UK, Denmark and Australia - countries where there is greater awareness of the need to reduce carbon emissions.

TrickleStar will then launch its products into the markets in Germany, France, Italy and Spain and Japan later in 2009. For more information, visit

Media Contact:

Valerie Guerra

Marketing Manager

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