We’re thinking it’s time to start paying attention to the US Hispanic market.

With more than $1.2 trillion in spending in 2012 it’s become apparent the US Hispanic consumer is one demographic you can’t ignore.  Rapidly becoming the largest minority in the US with over 50 million consumers, the US Hispanic is family-centric, bilingual and multicultural. Most importantly, they are avid consumers of the latest technology and always want the latest consumer electronics and technology.

To add to those stats, US Hispanics have the largest purchasing authority of any ethic group in the US. Nielsen Vice President, Monica Gil, recently told HispanicBusiness.com that "Our projections indicate that in 2015, the Hispanic community will be the world's ninth largest economy." Gil continues to say that "any company that wants to develop and grow in the United States has to attract the Hispanic consumer. It's a must."  Now that’s a powerful statement!

A recent Nielsen report titled “State of the Hispanic Consumer: The Hispanic Market Imperative,” supports Gils statement. It says, “…it is instructive to recognize that unique and useful vehicles for reaching Hispanics exist around language, media consumption, and technology adoption. Given the total market’s dependence on Hispanics for future growth, tapping Hispanic preferences and purchasing behaviors is essential for any strategy or marketing plan to be successful.”

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