Meet the press

Every month, we host an intimate conversation with leading tech and lifestyle journalists.


Top tier media give us unfiltered access to what topics or stories journalist find interesting, preferred pitch practices and how media outlets are adapting to new types of media.


MBA hosts an Annual Media Preview in NYC every July.


This invite-only event brings together 130+ top tier media friends across national tech, lifestyle, fitness, family, and design.

Click HERE for a video recap of the 2018 event.


We bend over backward to fulfill media request and they frequently come to us with their stories to see how we can help.


Whether it’s delivering a product for a CES broadcast segment at 3:00 am or couriering a prototype from Miami to the NBC studios in New York by EOD, there’s no length we won’t go to help them produce the best story.



Positive reviews are critical to the consumer purchasing process.


During our “Media Beta Test”, we select a trusted media member to give us their confidential, first take on your product. Based on this feedback we adjust your messaging and targeting before launch and maximize positive coverage.


Every media contact we interact with is equipped with a comprehensive reviewer’s guide.


Each is custom tailored the review experience for their audience and arms the journalist with specific messaging points, tips & tricks for a smooth review experience, and easy access to all the assets they’ll need.

The MBA wire

Traditional wire services are antiquated at best, so we don’t rely on them for sub-par results.


For the last 15 years, we’ve curated a network of 1,500 top tier journalists who depend on MBA for story ideas. Relationships make the difference, not clicking send on a press release and hoping for the best. The result is editorial placement that people read and care about.


Influencer data base

MBA has a growing network of thousands of influencers spanning over 12 verticals including technology, entertainment, design, fitness, and fashion, among others.


Our network shares content on a wide variety of channels including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Blogs, and other unique platforms.


The cost of working with influencers can exceed expectations quickly and it can be hard to get clarity on what a brand should receive and pay for.


MBA works across all budgets with a variety of influencers and audience sizes. We pull all that data together for a better picture on the value of an influencer and the cost that should be associated.


Robust influencer campaigns will have the support of specialists that focus on identifying, engaging and activating influencers.


While all team members perform Influencer Seeding programs and have experience working on paid campaigns, we don’t compromise the success of the rest of your PR efforts by spreading the team too thin.