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Best Practices

Quality media facetime

We are highly experienced in primary research, with on-staff team members who specialize in questionnaire design, data analysis, and cross-tabulation.


With our researchers just a few doors away from your core PR team, you can feel confident that the data story is well-aligned with your PR strategy and approach for media outreach.

Media asset management

Our research and creative departments were built from the ground-up by our most talented and experienced PR team members.


By having PR pros at the helm of these departments, our researchers & creative minds know that every survey question and creative asset must be developed to capture media interest and support storylines with easily digestible, media-friendly content.

Best of ces awards

Deep knowledge in tech gives our team an unmatched advantage.


Our experience in creating content for consumer tech brands provides insight into the stories most likely to engage media. We’re well-acquainted with exploring consumer behavior surrounding technology use, ensuring that there is no disconnect between your brand and the team creating content around it.

Beyond the booth

Media Planner

We provide journalists and influencers with a personalized media planner and CEO database (print + digital).


Acting as a reference guide for media, our annual catalog includes your booth and executive information for potential speaking opportunities, as well as a highlighted product or show announcement.

Concierge Team

We have a dedicated MBA Team pursuing media to schedule 1×1’s when and wherever is convenient for journalists.


Whether it’s a broadcast segment at 3:00am or a late night product pitch at a blogger’s hotel, the team uncovers opportunities beyond the confines of your booth or event table.

Expanded Footprint

We have a presence at CES larger than any other agency.


Over 25 team members have feet on the ground in Vegas with a single focus on driving media awareness. This team approach exponentially increases your brand’s touchpoints with media throughout the week.

Drive your story

Pre / post ces media tours

We engage your brand with media while everyone is still on holiday and Vegas is an afterthought.


Using a virtual media tour, we offer top-tier media a head start to prepare their stories prior to setting foot in Vegas. Post-CES, we conduct an NYC media tour, targeting lifestyle media outlets who weren’t able to attend.

Ces war room

We monitor journalists and trends unfolding at the show to keep you informed.


Our dedicated CES War Room from MBA HQ provides daily monitoring of journalists and social feeds to uncover pitch opportunities. Real-time digital dashboard breaks down key media trends, so we can capitalize on them and provide insight into what is and is not making headlines.

Media retargeting

We amplify your coverage through paid social campaigns, putting your CES news directly in front of journalists at the show.


Media attending CES are immersed in their social feeds to discover what’s trending. With social advertising, we target CES media with your latest news to expand awareness across top-tier outlets and increase organic coverage.