Millennials unlikely to buy if it'snot on Amazon

Millennials are highly devoted to Amazon

Fewer than 1 in 4

will proceed with a consumer tech purchase if it’s not available on Amazon


of tech-buying millennials have purchased 3+ consumer tech products on Amazon in the last year.

Millennials choose Amazon over
sex and alcohol

Millennials would give up sex and alcohol for one year versus giving up Amazon


would choose Amazon over Alcohol


would choose Amazon over Sex

No time or place is off limits

Millennials are shopping on Amazon day and night, everywhere you can imagine

Awake in the middle of the night 61%
Working 57%
Using the bathroom 47%
Vacationing 38%
Grocery shopping 24%
Sitting in traffic 23%
Intoxicated 19%
Exercising 15%

Most millennials shop via mobile device


shopped for consumer tech products on a mobile device

The Amazon app is visited daily


use the Amazon app one or more times per day

Consumer tech purchases are driven by Prime

3 in 4 Millennials purchase consumer tech on Amazon for its prime shipping

Tech purchasesoutweigh all others


of Millennials have made a Consumer Tech purchase on Amazon in the last year

Categories shopped on Amazon include:

Consumer Electronics 61%
Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 60%
Beauty & Health 50%
Toys, Kids & Baby 43%
Books & Audible 41%
Home, Garden & Tools 31%
Pet Supplies 29%
Sports & Outdoors 29%
Other 13%
Handmade 9%

Smartphones are least likely to be purchased on Amazon

Smartphone purchases tend to hail directly from the brand for compatibility, pricing and the assistance offered by brand retailers:

I’d likely buy a smartphone from the manufacturer because I’d want to be walked through the specifications and get advice.

For new smartphones, I would go directly to the store, so I can check out the product and choose from the variety. If I am looking to purchase a used phone, I might purchase it on Amazon.

Audio & Mobileshopped most over the last year

More than half of millennials have purchased headphones and/or mobile accessories on Amazon in the last year, while 1 in 3 have purchased speakers

Headphones 54%
Mobile Accessories (phone cases, etc.) 53%
Speakers 34%
Smartphone 29%
Virtual Assistant (e.g. Amazon Echo) 27%

Amazon offers value acrossthe Customer Journey

Amazon isn’t just for making purchases; consumers use the platform for discovering & researching products


Discover new products on Amazon


Research products on Amazon


Purchase products on Amazon

Millennials Turn to Amazon Search to Discover New Products

Half of millennials say their last consumer tech purchase was initially discovered on Amazon

Millennials primarily search for consumer tech on Amazon in the following ways:

Product category 73%
Customer reviews 55%
Search by Brand 52%
‘Best seller’ options 46%
Filtering capabilities 46%


Customer reviews are make or break for brands

  • 55% of millennials search for consumer tech by using customer reviews
  • Nearly 90% consult Amazon customer reviews frequently prior to making a consumer tech purchase
  • 93% deem Amazon reviews important when weighing a purchase decision

Pros of Amazon customer reviews:High volume/variety, objective and authentic

Generally speaking, I feel like Amazon reviews are coming from real honest people. I never have to worry about fake reviews.

Cons of Amazon customer reviews:Fake reviews, vague and subjective

People can exaggerate and sway me negatively when I might have liked the product.

Low star ratings will not fly with millennial buyers

A mere 8% of millennial buyers are likely to make a consumer tech purchase on Amazon with a 3 star review, though purchase interest peaks to 47% where the star count hits 4

Outside sources drive consumers to Amazon

Blogs and newssites are key

Nearly half of millennials say they often discover consumer tech brands or products on a blog or news site, later making the purchase on Amazon.

Expert reviewsprove helpful

2 in 5 millennials consult expert reviews prior to making a consumer tech purchase on Amazon

Brand websitesoffer intel

3 in 4 Millennials are likely to visit a consumer tech brand’s website prior to making a purchase on Amazon

One week ofresearch is required

Millennials typically need a week or more to make a consumer tech purchase decision on Amazon, though a bit less time for lower-cost items such as mobile accessories, headphones and speakers

For brands looking to engage with Amazon-obsessed millennials

Run consumer beta tests before launch to ensure your product is likely to hit the 4-star consumer rating

Structure your website as a hub for consumers researching your brand; filled with quotes from media and clear competitive differentiators

Work with top technology media to coordinate product reviews, offering consumers another point of reference during their research

Ensure your product is available on Amazon; has ample consumer reviews and is easily found through popularly searched keywords

Lindsay Stuart

Vice President, Business Intelligence

Laura Kauffmann

Research Manager

This research study is brought to you by the Business Intelligence Team at Max Borges Agency, in conjunction with panel provider Innovate Market Research.Survey data was collected from May 30 – June 14, 2018, whereby 1,108 U.S. millennial consumers that purchased consumer technology products on Amazon in the past year were surveyed.