A brand’s customers are an excellent source of intelligence and insight into wider consumer behavioral trends.


Our teams will work with you to extract the key data points valued by media & consumers, translating them into easily digestible, shareable content.


Exploring consumer sentiment and behavior via the use of surveys allows our team to draw insights into topics that challenge existing norms.


Using consumer data, we create storylines that pique the curiosity of key target audiences or expand on popular topics currently making headway with media.


Online social channels and publicly shared data offers an excellent resource for identifying consumer trends.


MBA taps into sources such as social hashtags and/or online resources like the National Retail Federation to extract data that can be analyzed and translated into a visually compelling story for your brand.



Our team identifies the target audiences most likely to purchase your product and provides detailed insights into their demographics, shopping behavior and the media outlets and influencers that influence them.

  • Consumer behavior trends & challenges around the product category and existing market offerings
  • Interest level in new product solution
  • Target audience profiles (demographics, behaviors within product category, product ownership, purchase locations, research sources references, consideration time, retail preferences, media consumption habits, advertising impact, people of influence, brands of influence)


It’s important that we understand how consumers will ultimately review your product, as this will greatly impact its success. MBA coordinates hands-on testing with people in your target audience to determine actionable opportunities for improvement. This is used to make essential changes to the customer experience before the product hits the market.

  • Unboxing experience & packaging feedback
  • Ease of setup & instructions
  • Pros and cons of product experience
  • Perception of product price compared to experience
  • Sample customer reviews and star ratings
  • Likelihood to recommend and/or purchase


To stand out in your market, it’s essential that you understand how your competitors are marketing to similar audiences. MBA will explore the competitive landscape to identify each competitor’s cross-channel marketing initiatives, providing a point of view on how the client brand can strategically position itself in the market and capitalize on gaps left by competitors.

  • Industry conversation trends & sentiment drivers
  • Brand passion index
  • Brand & competitor health analysis
  • Brand & competitor purchase funnel analysis
  • Social media channel analysis
  • Influencer & media analysis
  • Recommended marketing approaches



Our focus on technology allows us to collect and analyze trends in results from our full range of tech clients. Every quarter, we share an intelligence report with our account team that provides the latest media trends. Examples include:

  • Top outlets by article engagements & site traffic
  • Top journalists by engagements & site traffic
  • Top story types by article engagements & site traffic
  • Average tonality scores by journalist
  • Average key message penetration by journalist
  • Outlets backlinking to brand sites
  • Outlets linking exclusively to Amazon & other retail
  • Ideal times for press release distribution


Consumer shopping behavior is rapidly changing, and we know the impact this can have on our client’s businesses. Our team keeps a pulse on these changes, regularly seeking out the latest shifts in behavior and publishing the findings in whitepapers, infographics and blog content. This, in turn, informs our account team’s strategic planning and how we measure results. Examples include:

  • Methods of brand discovery of CE products
  • Research sources used during the CE purchase process
  • Retail preferences for CE products
  • Media outlets most likely to influence shopping behavior
  • Influence of brand name authority on CE purchases


Every client engagement begins with a thorough evaluation of past earned media success, competitive analysis, messaging development and pitch angle research.

  • Target audience insights
  • Earned media performance audit
  • Competitive & landscape audit
  • Top industry search terms
  • Core messaging
  • Media target list
  • Target journalists, past stories & pitch angle samples
  • Brand benchmarking
  • KPI Setting



We provide visual, shareable reports that highlight results from recent launches, providing insight into the performance quickly and effectively.

  • Metric recaps
  • Top quotes from media
  • Media conversation cloud
  • Top outlets by views, shares, SEO-impact and site traffic
  • Top messaging


Our monthly reporting provides a comprehensive look at all coverage converting during the month, along with a tear sheet for internal stakeholders who’d prefer a short summary of performance

  • Metric recap
  • Insights & analysis
  • List of media placements
  • Top quotes from media
  • Media conversation cloud
  • Top outlets by views, shares, SEO-impact and site traffic
  • Placements by vertical, product & theme
  • Tonality by placement
  • Top messaging


Our 3-month and annual reports provide actionable insights into results over a longer span of time. These insights give our team clear direction on key areas to focus on in the months ahead.

  • Metric recap & comparison to prior period
  • Share of voice & competitive analysis
  • Top performing placements by views, shares, SEO-impact and site traffic
  • Most effective placements by vertical, product & theme
  • Tonality by product & vertical
  • Top messaging by product & vertical
  • Insights & learnings