What is influencer marketing?

To start, an influencer is anyone with influence in a certain industry or space, such as technology, fashion or health. Influencers are trusted members of the online community who can often impact the behaviors of their followers as well as the brands that they purchase from and rally behind. In today’s online landscape, there are many different types of influencers, spanning across celebrities who influence fashion trends to thought-leaders who gain influence through their depth of knowledge on a topic.

What can influencer marketing do for your brand?

Influencer marketing has taken the digital content world by storm – if you’re not already weaving influencer relations into your strategy, you are likely behind your competitors. Still not convinced? Here are 5 great reasons why influencer marketing works:

  1. Creates credibility – it’s no secret that people are more likely to buy things from people they trust. Influencer marketing allows your brand to build relationships with your audience through positive word of mouth.
  2. Humanize brand – nothing humanizes a brand more than, well, putting real humans behind it. This is especially true if you work in the B2B space or have a product that isn’t so flashy. Influencers specialize in breaking down sometimes daunting goods and services into content that their audience understands and relates to.
  3. Tap into your audience – Influencers don’t just have audiences, they have loyal audiences who will be swayed by what an influencer promotes on their social channels. This will allow your brand to ignite affinity within your target market.
  4. Boosts SEO – The more content about your brand that’s out there, the more it will appear in search. Consider adding a clause in your influencer contracts that require them to use certain language to add even more search power.
  5.  Great ROI – when done well, brands can see as much as a 650% return on their influencer investment.

Need help with your influencer marketing program?

There are many different strategies and avenues available when it comes to influencer marketing, and we have many talented influencer pros ready to help you out here at MBA!

Depending on your product or service, budget and audience, we have the resources needed to execute an influencer marketing plan that fits your brand’s unique voice and needs. Give us a call today.