As smart devices continue to get smarter, the IoT market is expected to grow exponentially in the next ten years, reaching a projection of $195 billion by 2023, a twelve-fold growth from the present. Given the staggering (expected) growth of the industry, IoT marketing and media efforts will become an increasingly important part of industry development.


One essential component of your IoT marketing strategy is earning expert third-party reviews and unboxings. 78% of millennial consumers consider them an important tool when considering a consumer tech purchase, particularly for smart technology, which often requires additional knowledge or expertise and tends to be at a higher price point.


For brands looking to reach consumers shopping and researching IoT products, the following media outlets have proven to be the most successful, earning high positions in search results, high levels of consumer engagement and proving time and again to drive site traffic to IoT brand sites.


  • Wareable: As its name suggests, this publication is all things wearable tech and the connected self. Current topics covered by the publication range from entrepreneurs in the space, top existing and future products, brands and competitors, to the merge of tech, style and health, and overall category health.


  • Digital Trends: This outlet keeps tabs on the fast-paced world of tech, offering news, reviews, editorials and sneak peeks. Topics covered lately include a series on Smart Cities and smartwatch reviews and updates, particularly from Apple and as they relate to health.


  • CNET: They track the latest in consumer tech, offering insight into new products, along with showing readers how tech can enrich their lives. Recent topics of interest touch on new product reviews, recent Amazon launches, along with CES content and a compelling piece on Smart (Italian) Cities.


  • TechRadar: An open and transparent forum for tech news and reviews, they guarantee a more thorough and careful review than anyone else, and allow readers to add their two cents, as well. Recent IoT coverage discusses new launches and hires for Vodafone, retail hubs and launches from Australian companies, predictions for IoT products and spending over the next year, and the security risks and flaws of smart homes.


  • Best Products: They keep it simple, covering the products and experiences that celebrate the best life has to offer. From offering personalized advice on what you need to how much it costs, they clue readers in on where to snag the best and most current swag. Recent IoT coverage includes reviews on the top smart doorbells, thermostats and speakers around.


  • Wirecutter: This outlet makes shopping for the best gear and gadgets easy and hassle-free. Regardless of what you’re looking for, their editorial team will inform you of the pick of the crop. Engaging IoT topics covered as of late include a rundown of home assistant recommendations based on compatibility with other systems, and an overview of the very best in smart home and automation devices.


  • Engadget: This publication is all things tech news and reviews, producing compelling videos, reviews, features and breaking news about people and products shaping the world. Recent hot topics published consist of new product reviews and IoT collaborations between brands.


  • MacRumors: Not surprisingly, they host a community focused on the purchase of and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac platforms, in addition to content on the latest tech and products. Topics covered recently include new product launches from companies such as Sony and Samsung, product update stories and acquisition news.


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