On this episode of Unconventional Genius, I talk with Mark Palfreeman, CEO of Nixplay about the power of doing hard things. Nixplay was founded in 2007 with a vision to use technology to connect people in a meaningful way. The company accomplishes this vision through their digital photo sharing service by which families can access and share pictures over the cloud.

During our conversation, Mark shares how the military and the movie business prepared him to be a CEO of a successful tech company. He explains how he started the company and the approach to business that sets Nixplay apart. Listen now to be inspired by this Unconventional Genius

On this episode of #UnconventionalGenius, Max talks with Mark Palfreeman, CEO of Nixplay, about the power of doing hard things. Sometimes the easy way isn’t the best way. #MaxBorgesAgency @mark_palfreeman Click To Tweet

Sometimes you just have to figure it out

There is a temptation to wait until you have everything figured out before starting something new. Mark Palfreeman didn’t do that. He started his business without knowing certain key aspects of the business. However, he committed himself to doing hard things in order to figure out how to run the business.

One of the ways that Mark made up the learning gap was by surrounding himself with talented people and watching them collaborate to create great work. The time invested in putting together the right team helped him to be able to create an excellent product. Listen as Mark explains the genesis of Nixplay and the lessons he has learned while leading the company.

The key to success in business lies in core-competencies

Mark began his business by considering the opportunity for longevity. By thinking about how he can provide a meaningful service to the consumer, he has built something he both believes in and in which he can continually invest himself. Mark also shares the importance of discovering the right opportunity before attempting to launch a business

The success of a business can be found in how core-competencies are managed. Anything that is considered a core-competency in your business should be monitored closely by the top leadership. There were several aspects of his business that Mark had to closely oversee himself. Doing so safeguarded the company from the potential drift in those key areas.

You don’t always have time to learn before you try something new. Sometimes you just have to figure it out as you go. Listen to this week’s #UnconventionalGenius to hear guest Mark Palfreeman talk about how he figured things about as he began Nixplay.… Click To Tweet

How Nixplay sets itself apart

Because Nixplay is primarily an online business, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. The impact of customer reviews cannot be overstated. Mark says that by making customer service a priority, that aspect of the business has been transformed from a cost center into a profit generator.

It’s been said that content is king. This is certainly true for Nixplay. Mark Palfreeman says, “As long as you own the copyright and I can provide a service to you, then I can be relevant to you and it’s hard for people to get in the way of that.” Focusing on providing a service where users own the content has given the company long-term value to its customers.

How doing hard things can change your life

During my conversation with Mark Palfreeman, I heard him talk about how he chose to do hard things in order to achieve his goals. He didn’t let fear or doubt keep him from trying to do something he thought was impossible. Mark’s attitude is a contributing factor to his success. He urges other leaders to have the courage stretch beyond themselves to accomplish their big vision.

Leaders should also be on a constant mission of truth-discovery within their companies. Settling for the status quo will, at best, lead to mediocrity. Listen to my conversation with Mark Palfreeman on this episode of Unconventional Genius and be inspired to do hard things that can lead to greater success in your life.

On this episode of #UnconventionalGenius, guest Mark Palfreeman shares how the key to success in business lies in core-competencies. Listen now to hear all about that and more. #MaxBorgesAgency @mark_palfreeman Click To Tweet

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Topics Featured In This Episode

  • [2:48] Introduction of Mark Pelfreeman, CEO of Nixplay, a digital photo sharing service
  • [6:08] How his time in the film industry inspired Mark to develop Nixplay and how it prepared him to lead a company
  • [10:55} Timing is everything when taking the first step to start a company
  • [14:12} Success was a surprise for Mark in the beginning, so he continued to prepare for the worst
  • [18:20] Leaders should closely monitor any area of core-competency within the company
  • [22:39] The ways Mark Pelfreeman is leveraging Amazon to grow Nixplay
  • [26:24] How the business to business side of Nixplay solved a problem for companies
  • [34:00] Growth for Nixplay on both the consumer and B2B side
  • [38:30] Attempting hard things and doing what you didn’t think you could do has driven Mark’s success
  • [46:38] The power of a positive attitude and self-belief
  • [49:44] Staying sharp as a leader requires focus, discipline and good relationships
  • [54:00] Mark’s collection of classic literature and which ones have impacted him the most
  • [58:00] The culture of openness and authenticity within a company can help a company know the truth and then grow
  • [1:02:00] Key decisions should be made with as much information as possible
  • [1:07:18] Having the courage to cut your losses when you’ve made a misstep
  • [1:09:16] The vision and future of Nixplay

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Mark Palfreeman talks with Max about how his company, Nixplay, sets itself apart and how you can lead your company to do the same. That’s on this episode of #UnconventionalGenius. #MaxBorgesAgency @mark_palfreeman Click To Tweet You could settle for the status quo. Or you could experience something much better. Listen to #UnconventionalGeinus with guest Mark Palfreeman to hear about how doing hard things can change your life. #MaxBorgesAgency @mark_palfreeman Click To Tweet