On this episode of Unconventional Genius, guest Peter Shankman joins me to talk about his life, success and why you want to be different. Peter has accomplished so much in his life and he’s done it all while dealing with the challenge of ADHD. During our conversation, Peter shares what drives him to be successful and what the future holds for him.

Peter Shankman is an author, entrepreneur, angel investor, Ironman triathlete, skydiver and podcaster. He has sold multiple businesses for millions of dollars. He currently is an angel investor in sectors including clean energy, financial services, food, and 3D printing. Hear Peter talk about his many achievements during our conversation.

Peter Shankman, Author and Entrepreneur, on joins the #UinconventionalGenius podcast to talk about why you want to be different, Listen to hear this inspiring interview. #UinconventionalGenius Click To Tweet

How Peter Shankman is sending the elevator back down

Peter says that anyone who has experienced any amount of success should “send the elevator back down.” in other words, successful people should help other people become successful. One of Peter’s main goals in life is to help people. During the podcast, Peter shares some of the ways he is leveraging his success to empower others.

Being an entrepreneur himself, Peter understands that running a business can be a lonely existence. Often leaders don’t even realize they are lonely until they’ve had the opportunity to talk with other people like them. Peter exercised his desire to help other entrepreneurs by starting Shankminds, an online community for support, coaching, and encouragement.

How to see a challenge as a gift

One of the greatest challenges in Peter’s life is that he has ADHD. However, Peter doesn’t see this as a handicap, but rather a gift. He recently launched a podcast called Faster Than Normal which celebrates the gift of ADHD.

Peter says that because of his ADHD he lacks to ability to moderate. He is an all-or-nothing kind of guy. He half-jokingly mentions that he is 3 bad decisions in a row from being a junky on the streets. In order to channel his energy and avoid doing something detrimental, he turns to physical activity.

On this episode of #UnconventionalGenius, guest Peter Shankman shares how he is sending the elevator back down and trying to help other people. #UinconventionalGenius Click To Tweet

Exercising the body and mind for good

Peter has run two Ironman Triathlons. He tells a harrowing story of not being able to complete a race because he overheated and his organs started to shut down. Not content with the inability to finish that race, Peter says he intends to do another full triathlon.

Peter mentions several books that have impacted his life. From personal to business topics, Peter has found encouragement through the great writers who have invested in him. Peter loves to read and the way it ignites his imagination and innovation. He shares the importance of exercising the body and mind for good.

Why you should want to be different

So many leaders and entrepreneurs tend to operate in a silo. They get so busy working that they don’t time to step back and evaluate. Peter encourages businessmen and women to take a different approach. He encourages them to take time and talk to someone. Find a mentor who can speak into what you are doing and help you objectively evaluate.

Being normal is boring. Peter Shankman says that if he could have one Super Bowl commercial to share a message with the world, he would encourage people to want to be different. Being different opens up opportunity and experiences that “normal” people may never get. Peter’s story of embracing his differences and using them to propel him to success is nothing short of inspiring. Be sure to listen to this episode to hear this encouraging conversation.

It is difficult to see the good in sometime difficult situations. On the #UnconventionalGenius podcast, Peter Shankman shares how he sees his challenge of ADHA as a gift. Listen to hear all about that and more on #UinconventionalGenius Click To Tweet

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Topics Featured In This Episode

  • [1:29] Introduction of Peter Shankman, author, entrepreneur, angel investor, iron man triathlete, skydiver, and podcaster
  • [1:55] Peter explains how he built his business Help a Reporter Out
  • [3:38] Shankminds is a place for entrepreneurs to learn and grow from each other
  • [6:22] Steve Case’s book The Third Wave and how it has altered Steve’s opinions
  • [7:59] Peter talks about his podcast Faster Than Normal and how having ADHD is a gift
  • [9:21] How getting involved in triathlons has helped Peter focus and stay healthy
  • [11:47] The books that have impacted Peter’s life
  • [14:41] How Peter plans on going to space
  • [17:48] Peter Shankman’s superbowl commercial to share with the world

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This episode of #UnconventionalGenius features a fantastic interview with Peter Shankman, Author and Entrepreneur. During the interview Peter shares how he is exercising the body and mind for good. #UinconventionalGenius Click To Tweet Normal is boring. Different is awesome. Listen to Peter Shankman share why you should want to be different on this episode of #UnconventionalGenius. Click To Tweet